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What is taught in school: theory VS practice

Their own opinions about what kind of knowledge - fundamental or applied - should prevail in the process of teaching a child at school, were given by famous people of the country. If it depended on you - what proportion of school knowledge is better: to teach fundamental knowledge - 80%,

What is an MBA?

Recently, this abbreviation can be heard more and more often, but few understand what it is all about. These three letters have already begun to decipher even with a joke: Married But Available (“married, but quite accessible”). But in fact, this abbreviation went from the phrase Master of Business Administration,

How to communicate with the inspector

The stroke of the rod, the gesture of the traffic cop on your car, then to the side of the road - will have to stop. Is it worth arguing with a traffic cop? Most likely you will not achieve anything with it. Be laconic. Ask questions only on the merits,

The best cities in the world for quality of life

Every year, The Economist magazine and Mercer consulting company, which studies the standard of living of people in different countries, compile ratings of the most comfortable cities in the world. They coped with this task this year, let's see what happened with them! Each year, Mercer compares 215 cities, taking New