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10 cars that changed the world

An engineering thought never stands still, but sometimes it jumps over your head. At such moments, truly brilliant inventions are born and the auto industry is no exception. We have selected 10 legendary cars that have fallen into history and will remain in it forever. Dirt is not afraid Land Rover Defender

How to communicate with the inspector

The stroke of the rod, the gesture of the traffic cop on your car, then to the side of the road - will have to stop. Is it worth arguing with a traffic cop? Most likely you will not achieve anything with it. Be laconic. Ask questions only on the merits,

Buy a car, not scrap

Buying a car is no less serious than buying a house or an apartment. It is necessary to approach the choice of the car with all responsibility and attention. The first thing to understand is that a car is, in a sense, a family member. Every month he will demand

BMW will sell in a new way

The BMW car has long been the ultimate dream of many men and women. High-quality, refined "German" - who will refuse from this? But this is not enough to ensure that cars of this brand are sold as well, with constant success. BMW has started selling, using a new strategy: