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What is an MBA?

Recently, this abbreviation can be heard more and more often, but few understand what it is all about. These three letters have already begun to decipher even with a joke: Married But Available (“married, but quite accessible”). But in fact, this abbreviation went from the phrase Master of Business Administration,

Who can be a millionaire? The most expensive profession

The minimum program is classical: an apartment, a car, and money, money, money. And what kind of profession can bring to this goal as much as possible? Doctor, teacher? Humanely, but you will not last long for one teacher's salary. Artist, artist? Unusually, but the profit is too unstable. Cosmonaut?

Mysterious Bitcoin Currency

The word "cryptocurrency" will not hear in the news and you will not meet in the newspaper. However, this phenomenon is gaining increasing popularity and in the future can be a serious competitor to traditional money. Cryptocurrency is digital money that was created as an alternative monetary system - anonymous, secure

Thorium revolution or a hundred years without refueling

Energy - the headache of all mankind. Being scarce everywhere except in mining countries, they are a powerful tool for squeezing money out of people. There are even wars because of oil, and price fluctuations per barrel shake the economies of entire states. But it is possible that global changes