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What is taught in school: theory VS practice

Their own opinions about what kind of knowledge – fundamental or applied – should prevail in the process of teaching a child at school, were given by famous people of the country.

Большинство "за " практические знания
Most pros for practical knowledge

If it depended on you – what proportion of school knowledge is better: to teach fundamental knowledge – 80%, and what is important in life – 20%. Or vice versa?

Andrei Kurkov – Ukrainian writer, teacher, filmmaker:

– I would divide it in such proportion: 60% – fundamental knowledge, 40% – applied.

Olga Sumskaya – Ukrainian actress and TV host; People’s Artist of Ukraine:

– Knowledge is power, baggage that you want to seize. But what is important in life should not be forgotten. Therefore, I would most likely have slightly adjusted such a percentage and paid tribute to both. After all, you need to learn life, and to extract knowledge. About knowledge. I have a dream – to learn another language, but, unfortunately, due to lack of time I can’t get together and start. So without knowledge or anywhere at any time. Still pulling.

Evgeny Komarovsky – pediatrician, candidate of medical sciences, doctor of the highest category and broadcaster:

– Definitely 80%, and maybe more, “for life”

Stella Zakharova – Olympic champion of the USSR in artistic gymnastics, patron of the arts:

– It is difficult to say, I think, 50 to 50. On the other hand, I am not sure that in our schools they give some practical knowledge that may be useful in life.

For example, I cannot say with absolute certainty that the information I received in school or university was very useful in my life. Undoubtedly, education is necessary, but, above all, for the formation of personality. I think that the theoretical knowledge gained in educational institutions of our country is hardly applicable in real life, since everything is learned in practice.

Margarita Sichkar – a successful Kiev restaurateur:

– On the contrary! I believe that fundamental knowledge should be given 20%, and that which is important in life is 80% (if not more).