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Oligarchs and alligators

Probably, in the past life they changed places. Both are predators.

I have seen people admire lions. Even if everyone knows that they are predators.

Simply, people in the simplicity of their soul would like the lion to be strong, handsome, beautiful, but … not a predator.

So with the oligarchs. People want them to do everything well, fast, cool, a lot, everything is only for the country, making it rich and prosperous. But … disinterestedly. Just.

There is such a thing. Each beast has its own historical mission.

The oligarchs fulfilled their mission. If you ask – which one, then I will answer: very important. During the years of surging weather, chaos and vacuum, they quickly structured and raised three main sectors: banking, oil and gas, and the media. Without them, we would have no economy at all. Nothing would have happened.

Oligarchs somehow know how.

Another thing is that while saving and building the country, they are at the same time fantastic and unjustly profit! Yes, like this: they save the country and inadequately enrich themselves.

But you can imagine that, for example, on a prairie excursion, a guide would say to sightseers: look, there’s a lion! But he is not a predator !!!

Do we need to worry about all these reasons? Of course not. Because any imbalances in nature still come into balance. This is how the world works.

Even wild.