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Buy a car, not scrap

Buying a car is no less serious than buying a house or an apartment. It is necessary to approach the choice of the car with all responsibility and attention. The first thing to understand is that a car is, in a sense, a family member. Every month he will demand money from you, even if you do not drive much.

Никогда в покупке автомобиля не руководствуйтесь только эмоциями
When buying a car, never be guided by emotions

To hold the car you need:

– Pass inspection;

– To spend money on gasoline;

– To spend money on current and capital repairs;

– Pay fines (for what to pay you come up with a traffic police inspector);

– Pay money for parking or garage.

The buyer always pulls to buy goods cheaper. Is it worth it? Main axiom: keep the car while she feeds you. As soon as she starts to draw money from you, she needs to be sold.

Old car consumes more gasoline. This is due to the wear of the piston group and the glands. And do not believe the assurances of the seller that the car only after the overhaul. Everyone says like that. Recall that when buying spare parts on the market, you are asked: “Do you need to repair or to drive?”. To drive is always more expensive every two or three. Buying a used car, you risk to buy a car after an accident. So what, you ask? An experienced mechanic knows that after an accident the car is not very suitable for use. The frame or bearing body is skewed, racks are taken away, violation of the strength and integrity of all parts of the body. Do not buy scrap metal! Old car always requires more investment in repairs. Beware of not cleared cars, “customs clearance” can cost more than the car itself.

Car loan? Recently, no problem can be purchased. Also, there was a mass of mutual funds, which, in fact, are credit institutions. Consider the overpayments that the bank takes. If you take a loan for a year to buy a TV, then they can be neglected, but if you take a loan for 5-10 years in the amount of 10 000-30 000 dollars, it will be a huge amount.

Domestic or imported car? Purely domestic no longer left, and do not console yourself with patriotism. There are collected in Ukraine and those that are released abroad, the only difference is in the production culture. “Domestic” cars are cheaper to maintain and maintain. They are less demanding on the quality of gasoline and road surface. Parts for them much cheaper. Overhaul or overhaul will be able to perform any auto mechanic. If you have the skills, the repair can be done independently.

Foreign cars are always more expensive to maintain. They need better gasoline and diesel fuel. Our roads for them are very poor quality (even for jeeps). There are many types of repairs that can be performed only in a specially equipped service center. Foreign cars are more beautiful and more comfortable than ours. There is a guarantee for mileage or service life. There is a free service. Reliability and quality are high. It is also worth noting that in cars of foreign brands special attention is paid to safety. Their engineers can conduct hundreds of experiments to figure out where to place the airbags. As they say, no comment.

For any purchase there must be a business case. A simple “want” is often detrimental to your well-being. Therefore, consult with your family: is she ready to accept another family member?

Konstantin Klimchuk