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11 tips for school children by Bill Gates

Did you take a lot out of school? Hardly. Usually, the school gives each of us a huge mass of knowledge, of which the most valuable, received in elementary school: read, write, count … But psychologically, the school plays the smallest role in the social development of an almost adult person in the modern world. The school gives some knowledge, but does not give an idea of ​​the world, we do not teach the main things that you need to know while living on your own, without parental care. Once, when they came to talk to high school students, Bill Gates told them only 11 things. But this is something that is very important to learn in time to everyone who lives in this world and wants to succeed.


Life is unfair and it should be taken as a fact

The world does not care about your self-esteem. He expects from you any achievements. Only then, maybe, he will take into account your self-esteem.
It is unlikely that immediately after school you will have a salary like the president. You will ride a limousine with your own driver only when you really deserve it.

If it seems to you that your teacher is too picky, wait until you get acquainted with your boss. Unlike the teacher, the capital of your boss depends on how well you cope with your tasks.

Collect burgers at McDonalds is not below your dignity. Your ancestors would even call such a job “a good chance”.

Do not blame anyone else for your failures. Never Noah. Learn from your failures.

Your parents were not as boring as you think before you were born. They became such, earning your training, washing your clothes and listening to how cool you are. So before you break the Amazon forest generation from the generation of your parents, it is better to restore order in your own room.

At school, the division into winners and losers was abolished, life was not. Some schools may not give bad marks and are allowed to take the test several times. And this has nothing to do with what happens in real life.

There is no summer vacation in life and no one helps you find your place in the world. Very few employers are interested in your personal growth. You will have to make ends with yourself only in your personal time.

Do not think that life is what is shown on TV. In life, people spend most of their time not in a cafe, but in the workplace.

Maintain a good relationship with nerds. Most likely, one of them will become your boss.