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How to make money on Youtube?

Most of us make money on the Internet associated with trading on Forex, and less serious things like copywriting and marketing bottery. Few people know that there are much more sources of income on the Internet – sometimes we simply do not notice them, although we are confronted with them point-blank.

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Spectacles for all

A striking example is the monetization of their videos on Youtube. Founded in February 2005, this video service has become one of the most popular on the Internet. It is difficult to find a network user who would not visit him with more or less regularity. By the beginning of 2012, videos on Youtube were collected at 4 billion views per day.

Youtube impresses with simplicity and openness. Both leading corporations of the planet and ordinary people place their materials there. It does not matter that this is an Oscar-winning film trailer with a multi-million dollar budget or a funny kitten, captured on a mobile phone. However, Youtube is not only democratic, but also profitable if you get down to business with the right side.

Bread for everyone

The fact is that Youtube has an affiliate program, which every registered user can connect to by submitting an application online. If you already have a channel and at least a few subscribers, you can try your luck. If the moderators approve your content, you will receive additional options for setting up your channel, and most importantly – the status of the Youtube partner.

From this point on, your success is the success of Youtube. Therefore, they start paying for watching your videos. In fact, you only need to create and publish content, contributing to the growing popularity of your channel. The rest of the trouble takes on the omnipresent Google. In addition, you can track your stats using the YouTube Analitics tool, which is provided to you for free.

How much you can earn this way depends on you and your content. The latter determines which ads will be pushed to Google viewers, etc. With good performance rates can be kept at $ 1 per 1000 views of a particular movie. In this case, you will have to strictly adhere to the rules of copyright and the rules for posting videos on YouTube, otherwise the sanctions of the moderators will not keep you waiting.

But the main thing is to learn how to create content that would be liked by the viewers and provided your channel with the necessary popularity. What exactly it will be – you decide. Some create expensive copyright programs, others search for exclusive videos on the Internet, and others create a stream of entertainment content. Therefore, if you are creative and ambitious enough, go for it!